Why I decided to start a blog

Hi friends!

Welcome to Emma Loves, my new blog.

It’s still very much a work in progress but I’m hoping to get some proper posts up over the next few weeks. Hopefully I don’t run out of things to say by March…

I started a blog because I like to have a project to work on outside of my day job. I had been studying for my master’s degree part time during the last couple of years so when I graduated, I wasn’t sure what else to fill my time with. A blog seemed like a great idea … even if no one ends up reading it!

I want to fill this site with lots of different things that I love (hence the name!) – travel, make-up, skincare – as well as some lifestyle, personal experiences and my slightly nerdy interests, so hopefully it has something to offer everyone. I’d always be up for suggestions on blog content – let me know via the Contact page or get in touch on Twitter or Instagram.

Anyway, I’m going to get tapping away on some posts. I am excited to have an outlet for all of my thoughts and creative ideas, and I hope you like the content I create.

Thanks so much for dropping by. Hopefully see you again soon!


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