My Glossybox: January 2019

Hi friends!

I got my Glossybox for January a couple of days ago and thought you might want to check out what was in this month’s edition. I love getting a beauty subscription box each month. I tried Birchbox for a few months last year but I really didn’t like the products they were sending – they always seemed a bit small, a bit cheap or a bit crap. I changed over to Glossybox last year and I’m definitely happier with the contents, though I may need to find some creative ways to ditch the boxes as they’re beginning to take over my flat..

Anyway, here are this month’s Glossybox bits which are apparently worth over £120! Spoiler warning…

Avant Deluxe Hyaluronic Acid Vivifying Face & Eye Night Cream. (RRP £98). Is that really the RRP though? Anyway, it’s always a little exciting to get expensive treats in your box. I’d never spend £98 on skincare so I’m super excited to try this out.

Batiste Dry Shampoo & Hydrate (RRP £1.50). Most of the time my initial reaction to products like this, or hand gel, or antibacterial wipes is of overwhelming disappointment. However, I always find that a few weeks later, I’m scrambling for that product because I really need it. This lil’ guy will come to the rescue on an otherwise bad hair day somewhere down the line.

-417 Facial Micro Luffa Foaming Gel (RRP £13.). I tried Googling this product but all I got were slightly sketchy overseas websites. Maybe this is a huge hit somewhere? The point is, now I get to find out. It looks really good and it’s a huge bottle!

Hask Kalahari Melon Oil Repairing Deep Conditioner (RRP £2.50). Apparently this is specially designed for colour treated hair. Y’all know I’m always bleaching and dying my poor locks, so I’m always grateful to receive anything that might repair damage I’m doing along the way.

Maybelline Dream Blender Foundation Sponge (RRP £4.99). Is this the only brand I’ve heard of in this box? Yup. Will this perform better than my current makeup sponge? Probably not. Will it be a bit gimmicky? More than likely. Am I still excited to try it? Yes. I love testing new brushes and application tools!

That’s all folks!

I love unboxing my Glossybox and testing out the contents, particularly as they’re all really good sizes for travelling abroad with. I think it’s a really awesome way of discovering new favourites and restocking existing ones. If you’re not already subscribed to Glossybox, you can use my referral link here. With it, you get 20% off your first box and I get a small reward for inviting you – good vibes all round!

If you have any questions on the products mentioned or Glossbox generally, let me know.

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