5 Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Hi friends! The international day of unabashed romantic consumerism (commonly referred to as ‘Valentines Day’) is nearly upon us and that means some of you will be thinking of some gift ideas for your valentine! Here is a short list of potentially awesome presents that will get up in the face of your sweetheart and scream “I AM SOMEWHAT FOND OF YOU”:

Nothing says “you are perfect to me” like a load of makeup your valentine can use to cover their face. One collection that hit shelves just before Christmas and which stands out to me as an awesome V-Day gift is the Chocolate Heart eyeshadow gift set by Makeup Revolution. This gorgeous bit of kit comes with two eyeshadow palettes, a face highlight palette and a shimmery bronzer. Makeup Revolution is a proven brand in drugstore cosmetics so this gift is perfect for the MUA in your life, and the packaging is adorable. Best of all? It’s currently half price!

I’m really boring so the idea of being given some pyjamas or cosy loungewear for Valentine’s Day is such a dream and my go-to place is Boux Avenue. Their casualwear is so good and comfortable. Even after lots of washes, it stays super soft and the sizes are great too. Boux Avenue can be a bit pricey but I am a huge fan of their quality. Here’s a tip: they gift wrap for free, all year round!

Your significant other might’ve made New Year resolutions about getting healthier and doing more exercise. To help them achieve their fitness goals, why not get them a fitness watch? It doesn’t have to be expensive – the most basic are around £50, but it might be just what they need to enhance their fitness regime. To make it a bit more personal, you could find a really nice design that they would love!

Have you tried saying “I love you” with tonnes of chocolate? Definitely give the Hotel Chocolat dipping adventure a try. If you don’t want to give literal chocolate (because you think it’s a bit cliché or you’re both on new fitness regimes..), why not instead buy them an experience day to try some tasty treats at a famous chocolatier? Check out sites such as Virgin Experience Days, Red Letter Days and even Hotel Chocolat.

On the subject of experiences and trips, you could whisk your lover to somewhere romantic. Got cash to splash? What about a romantic weekend in Iceland exploring the Blue Lagoon and stargazing in the company of the Northern Lights? Too pricey? You can get flights and hotels to Venice at this time of year for under £100pp! If the budget is a little tighter, you could arrange for a spa day. It’s quite common to find a package that includes all day access to the pool, sauna and hot tub and one treatment each all for less than £80. I can’t imagine a more perfect gift!

Do you have any go-to gift ideas for Valentine’s Day? I’ve probably missed out loads of really cool ideas, but then if you’re anything like me you’ll be hoping for a Deliveroo at home in the warm (in your Boux Avenue loungewear..) with your significant other. Bliss!

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