Testing the Neutrogena Light Therapy Mask

Sometimes my acne is really bad. I’ve never been able to pin down why – it could be hormones, diet, not getting enough water, or reaction to skincare (or a combination of these). I never got it as a teenager so it sucks that I’ve now got it in my mid-twenties! To combat my acne, I’ll try almost anything – recently, the Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Face Mask and Mario Badescu’s Dying Lotion. I found the former quite nice on my skin (though no noticeable anti-acne results) and the latter did nothing whatsoever. Therefore, last Christmas I asked Santa for the Neutrogena light therapy acne mask, and the big guy came through. I’ve since tested it for the full 30 days and can share my thoughts on it (and confirm if it works!).

Firstly, I would say that the £10 ‘activator’ you have to buy to get more than 30 uses is a con. Not only is a huge waste of natural resources to make, but the mask itself can still be used without it. There are a bunch of hacks on YouTube that I recommend checking out to extend the life of the mask, so don’t waste any money on extra activators. Your used up activator was being binned anyway, so you’ve nothing to lose.

Secondly, I know some pharmacists charge over the RRP for this (and in my case, Santa paid a whopping £80!!). This is almost always £30 or thereabouts on Amazon and other sites so please shop online first. Is it worth £80? Hell no. Is it worth £30? Yes.

I think the mask works. I honestly didn’t believe it would, and part of me is still skeptical and wonders if it was sheer coincidence, but I used this everyday in January and my skin looked amazing. If I missed 2 or 3 days without it, sure enough my zits would return.

To use the mask is super simple – with your favourite cleanser, cleanse your face thoroughly of all makeup and dirt, ensure it is dry, pop the mask on as you would a pair of glasses and click the power button on the long activator remote that it comes with. The LEDs in the mask will light up pink and, because of how the cones in our eyes work, you will see everything in green. I initially panicked when I first used the mask after taking it off and thinking I’d be seeing green forever, but your eyes will correct themselves after 5-10 minutes (and I would reiterate that this is not dangerous). You can lie down and close your eyes with it on or, as I do, sit on the sofa with your eyes open reading your phone or playing a game. I didn’t notice any less green vision from having closed eyes.

After 10 minutes, the LED lights in the mask will fade and that’s your treatment complete! The idea is that you do this everyday for 30 days (which is why the activator has 30 uses) and then you purchase a new activator every month (though see above re: hacks).

I am very sure this little guy make my spots better. My skin is still oily and greasy and I have lots of pores, but I can’t remember the last time I had a proper zit.

Maybe my acne was helped just having a regular skin routine (the mask requires you cleanse properly, and afterwards I always moisturise), but it might be that this mask isn’t just a gimmick. For the sake of £30, I would definitely recommend trying it out for yourself and letting me know the results!

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