Reviewing the BH Cosmetics Weekend Festival palette

I hadn’t heard of BH Cosmetics until I was scouring a Beauty Bay sale one day and spotted their palettes reduced to prices as low as £10. I noticed that almost all of their eyeshadow palettes had 4+ star out of 5 ratings, so I took a punt and decided to try one out. I was stuck choosing between the Weekend Festival palette and Royal Affair palette. I went for the former because it included a whole bunch of colours I didn’t already own (though I still would love the Royal Affair palette!).

Weekend Festival is a brighly coloured palette which features 7 matte shades and 13 shimmer shades. Because of this odd number of matte and shimmer shades, it’s worth noting that, for a lot of looks, this palette would need to be used with at least one other. This palette does not include a nude matte to set down your base or a light enough brown to be used in the crease on light skin. It does, however, pack in some fantastic shades, including pastel pink matte (Electric), a bright orange matte (Hippie), a rich golden shimmer (Euphoria), a deep chocolate matte (Hipster) and a gorgeous electric blue shimmer (Ultimate). The lid contains a mirror which could be bigger, but I don’t often use mirrors on eyeshadow palettes so it’s no biggie.


If you love a splash of colour to zhuzh up a daytime look or you want an eyecatching, vibrant display, these pigments are going to be right up your street. One of the best things about this palette is how diverse it is and the number of potential looks you could achieve with it. One day you might have a romantic, pink-toned look with Electric in your crease and Trixie on your lid, or you could opt for a more natural eye with Trance on your lower lash line for a pop of colour. A notable stand out shade for me is Hippie – this looks so good on the eye and it’s ridiculously pigmented.


In the sale I bagged this palette for £14. That’s not even £1 a shade. At full price, BH Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes tend to cost anywhere between £15-30. To compare with palettes of similar colour stories, the Jeffree Star Thirsty palette is £45, the Violet Voss Flamingo palette is £43, Morphe 35B is £23, Juvias Place The Zulu palette is £20, the NYX Ultimate Brights is £16 and the Revolution Pro Regeneration Trends Mischief Mattes palette is £8. At £14 (or £20 full price), this palette sits in the middle of the market in terms of cost. I know these all have different matte/shimmer/glitter combinations, but they all have similar colour schemes.


This palette rocks. The shimmers are seriously good – buttery, soft, easy to apply. The mattes apply beautifully and blend well. The colours stay vivid and in place throughout the day. There are one or two shades that don’t look the same way they do in the pan (such as Wicked and Neon), but it’s still a great palette for the money. Here are some shots of eye looks I’ve done with it. I am still learning how to take make-up photos, so bear with (though I have no excuse for the state of my eyebrows in some of them):

The yellow, orange and pink mattes outperform most of the other shades in this palette, and performance is a little mixed. Many of the shades are amazing and most of the weaker shades can be manipulated to work for you. It was a real struggle to get Neon to show up at all which is why it’s not pictured and Solstice quickly became lost and muddy if I used it on top or near anything else else. That said, Ultimate is absolutely true to its pan colour, Spirit is a blinding white shimmer when applied with a wet brush and Electric just works every time I apply it, and packs a seriously pink punch.

Verdict – ★★★★☆

This is an exciting, vivid palette with a dizzing array of colours (which can actually make it difficult working out what to do with it!). The only downfall to this palette is that you’ll probably need one other palette to compliment it, but most of us likely already have plenty of neutral shades. The strength in this palette lies with its shimmers, of which there are 13. No two shades are the same and when you consider how many different looks can be achieved with this 20-pan palette, at £20 this is a great buy. I’m utterly converted to the brand and can’t wait to get my hands on their Royal Affair palette. Better still, they’re a cruelty-free brand and many of their products are vegan. Definitely give BH Cosmetics a try if you haven’t already!

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