My top restaurant picks in Bristol

I love food, which makes me pretty lucky to live in Bristol. The city is completely inundated with places to grab food. At most of these eateries, the food is locally sourced and made fresh on site. All of the places I recommend here have one place in common – their food is always delicious!

Photo courtesy of Eatchu

First up is Eatchu. If Japanese gyoza are your thing, look no further than this small but mighty place on Corn Street. Their dumplings on a bed of rice are full of flavour and, best of all, everything is made in house. Often a restaurant will cook up the same gyoza you can buy from an oriental supermarket, but Eatchu are the real deal. If you’re ever in the city, you must pop by for a quick lunch and a warm hello. I can personally recommend their chicken gyoza on rice. Oishi!

I’m kind of cheating with my next recommendation because they’ve got 27 branches across the country (but I guess this makes it easier for you to try them out, right?). Pho offers great value, tasty, healthy Vietnamese food that never fails to hit the spot. Their chicken pho is perfect for warming up on a cold day, their rice bowls are a wondrous journey through fresh ingredients and simple flavours and their chicken curry defies all explanation – you have to try it to believe how good it is! Better still, you can get Pho at home via Deliveroo.

Izakaya Bristol opened its doors in July 2018 on the bottom of Park Street (which is conveniently close to my flat!) and it’s been an awesome addition to Bristol’s food scene. It’s a simple, unassuming little place with a great offering of Japanese classics (including ramen and katsu curry) as well as small plates such as chicken karaage, ebi katsu and gyoza. Every time I visit this place it feels familiar and homely and I am always served a delicious meal. They offer some of the lowest Asian food prices in Bristol and are particularly good for a gathering with friends around a selection of tasty dishes.

Photo courtesy of Three Brothers Burgers

So far, this list has had a very Asian theme so I’m going to mix things up by sticking a burger joint in my top five. If you’re from Bristol or the surrounding area, there’s a very high chance you’ve heard of (or visited) Three Brothers Burgers. These guys are serving up some seriously good grub. Situated on a boat on the River Avon, Three Brothers started offering burgers in 2014 and Bristol has never been the same! They also have lots of vegetarian options and their dirty fries are something else! If you’re a fellow carnivore, do not deny yourself a visit to this place. Be sure to get there early though – it often gets really busy at lunchtimes, particularly in summer.

Photo courtesy of Mrs Potts Chocolate House

After all these delicious meals, you’ll be wanting a long lie down some tasty dessert! Look no further than Mrs Potts Chocolate House on Park Street. This sweet spot (see what I did there..?) has been open nearly two years now and it continues to attract locals and tourists alike. With an offering of freshly baked cakes, massive ice cream sundaes and delicious chocolate dipping pots, this is a hugely popular spot for a quick tea break or an after dinner treat. I recommend the milk chocolate dipping pot with banana and strawberries and the roasted white hot chocolate with all the toppings!

There are dozens of awesome restaurants in Bristol that aren’t on this list, and so it is by no means exhaustive! Bristol has a wonderfully diverse, delicious food scene and anyone with a passion for good eating will have no trouble finding places for lunch, dinner or dessert here! If you’ve got any recommendations, be sure to leave them in the comments below for other readers (and maybe me..!) to try.

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