Is this the best drugstore makeup brand we’ve ever had?

In the last few years, the number of makeup brands and products on offer has grown so quickly, the choice is often overwhelming. I usually gravitate towards drugstore makeup over high-end makeup for two reasons. Firstly, I simply don’t have the expendable income. I wear make-up everyday and enjoy playing around with it so I can’t afford expensive products. Secondly, a lot of the high-end products that I have splashed out on or that I haven been given as gifts have kind of.. sucked. This is no shade – I’m sure there are great products out there – but the ones that I’ve used have really fallen short of expectations (particularly when you consider the price). Worse still, sometimes the drugstore alternatives are heaps better! This was certainly the case for me when trying and reviewing the ABH Modern Renaissance palette.

One drugstore brand seems to constantly receive positive attention and my personal experience of them is this: they are super cheap and most products just work, sometimes better than the high-end equivalent! This wonder brand is Makeup Revolution and I’m going to share my favourite products and thoughts on the brand generally.

Revolution has been around a few years now and was primarily only available in UK drugstore Superdrug, but in the last couple of years they’ve really grown internationally as a go-to brand for quality, affordable products. They are cruelty free, many of their products are vegan and they strive to deliver new products as quickly as possible offering as many shades and options as possible to ensure no sex, ethnicity, age, budget or location is excluded. Check out their ‘about us’ page for more information on the company and its background.

The I Heart Revolution Mermaids Heart palette is a gorgeous mix of oceanic pigments and deep sea glitters.

As I said , most products I’ve bought from Revolution (or any of its other brands) have been awesome, with only one or two real ‘flops’. In fact, their foundations and eyeshadow palettes in particular have easily outperformed many of the high-end products I’ve tried. Here are some of my favourite products:

Revolution Conceal & Define Supersize Concealer – it’s no wonder this product won an award in the Cosmopolitan UK beauty awards 2018. It’s often compared to the likes of Tarte’s Shape Tape and Urban Decay’s All Nighter concealer because it’s so high coverage. The formula is thick and therefore you really really needn’t use much – a little goes a long way. Best of all? 24 shades available and the range is due to grow even further in 2019 to a whopping 50 shades! It’s only £7 for a huge tube that lasts weeks and weeks or £4 for a slightly smaller tube (approx. a month’s worth of product) if you’d prefer to test it first. It’s one of the best concealers I’ve ever used.

Revolution X Soph Extra Spice Eyeshadow Palette – if you like warm tone palettes with a cohesive colour story which performs better than the likes of ABH and Urban Debay, you need this palette. I use it daily. Every colour in this palette is really pigmented without the fallout of most eyeshadow products. There’s enough diversity for a wide range of looks but it’s still a clearly identifiable warm colour palette. I also really like the YouTuber behind the collaboration, Sophdoesnails, so there’s an added bonus of supporting her second palette collaboration with Revolution. Her first palette is very good too and definitely a great choice for someone just starting to experiment with eyeshadow looks (it’s also got some great neutral base and crease colours in it).

Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation – this foundation is thick and you’ll need to set it down with powder or a matte setting spray to prevent it looking oily, but my goodness this coverage is unbelievable. Every time I’ve worn this foundation I’ve had comments on how good my skin looks. Anyone who knows me knows my skin is awful so you know this foundation is the real deal! The best part? It’s only £5! They launched 18 shades promising more to follow – if this brand can do it for £5 per foundation, what are other brands playing at?

The I Heart Revolution Chocolate Heart set makes the most adorable gift ever! I featured it in my gift guide for Valentine’s Day.

I Heart Revolution Chocolate palettes – Revolution offer 24 separate ‘chocolate-themed’ products with a huge array of shade choices at a bargain price of £9, making them a must have. The way each one has a theme is so cute and these products are consistently rated 4 or 5 out of 5 in reviews. I’ve just bagged myself the Chocolate Vault in the January sales and I’m so excited to try these out! My favourite bars are Macaroons, Chocolate Orange and Rose Gold.

Renaissance Flick eyeliner – FIVE POUND EYELINER people, and it’s bloody good. It barely moves throughout the day and even comes close to outperforming Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner (but is a third of the price). I would rate it higher if it didn’t dry out so quick but for a mere fiver, it’s a bargain! Definitely bag one for yourself and see how great it is for yourself.

I think the only products I don’t like from Revolution is any of the “Pro” products – I don’t think these perform that well, certainly not better than the cheaper, normal range – and the skincare hasn’t really wowed me. That said, it’s still very early days for their skincare range so there’s still so many products I haven’t tried.

I really could rave about this brand forever. For the ridiculously low price point most of their products sit on, you really should try some bits for yourself and see whether you agree with my reviews! I will continue to support them and try out new products as long as they keep releasing them, which doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon! If you’ve already tested this brand, what are your Makeup Revolution favourites?

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