Testing Makeup Revolution Chocolate eyeshadow palettes

If you’re a fan of Makeup Revolution (or the Revolution brand), you’ll definitely have heard of the I Heart Revolution chocolate palettes. They look (and smell!) like chocolate bars and there are lots to choose from, each with its own colour story. I recently got quite a few in the Chocolate Vault and the Chocolate Heart gift sets, so I’ve been trying every single one I own over the last few weeks in order to report back and let you know my favourites. There are some not so good palettes – particularly those that were released quite early on – but some really amazing ones. Here is a description and review of each palette and swatches of my favourite shadows!

Lemon Drizzle

Is it any surprise that this one, with all of its warm reds, versatile neutrals and bright yellows, is one of my favourites? Unfortunately mine is a bit beaten up, but that doesn’t stop it performing well. This is a fantastic all-rounder, and you can achieve natural looks or full shimmer and pops of neon with it. Citrus is that gorgeous coral red in the centre of my arm and Just A Bite is a super creamy, soft shimmery copper. The two lightest shimmer shades, Nothing But Crumbs and Tangy, may struggle to show up on top of other shades, and Delicious is kind of non-existent when you apply it (wish they’d done away with it and given us a rich orange instead!), but the rest of these shades are gorgeous and they pack a serious punch. Lemon Drizzle is definitely at the top of my most recommend list for Makeup Revolution palettes!


I really love the colours in this palette. I very rarely wear blue eyeshadow so it’s a false economy for me to buy palettes which are heavy in blue or green pigments. This makes the Macaron palette ideal. It’s got a great mix of neutral shades for the base, crease and lid and then some exciting shimmer shades such as the sea blue Sweet Treat, the grey-ish navy Finishing Touch and a rich golden brown (Meringue). Not all of the shades are amazing – the sage green (Icing) isn’t as pigmented on the skin as it is in the pan, Coconut has a gorgeous white/green duo chrome thing happening but it is difficult to see and Dessert is quickly lost to more powerful shades once applied. That said, I really like Macaron and I think this is a really great, safe entry palette to blue/green pigments which largely perform really well.


This is one of the best chocolate palettes offered by Revolution. All of the shades swatched really well and they are all really pigmented. There are one or two shades so close to one another that it would’ve been better to add a completely different colour instead, but for an everyday neutral warm palette, this is perfect. Sweet Tooth is a gorgeous, bright white shimmer best applied with your finger (it didn’t work so well on a brush), Appetizing is a delicious, deep orange/brown which looks soft and buttery, and the matte shades Toast, Dainty and Dripping in Chocolate blend beautifully together. If you’re in need of a neutral palette, be sure to give this a try.

Strawberry Cheesecake

I am in two minds about this palette. Some of the shimmers are truly amazing – Slice glides onto the skin easily and is a gorgeous metallic bronze, and Pinch is a true coral shade which blends well with other shadows, but some of the other eyeshadows in this palette fall flat for me. I find with Drizzle, Sugar and Syrup, it’s really difficult to get any pigment to show up on the lid (especially over other shadows) and it just ends up a bit of a glittery mess. Biscuit is a pretty brown and Butter is a nice base colour – the strength in this palette is its mattes, which is peculiar for Makeup Revolution who usually excel in shimmer shades!

Peanut Butter Cup

I really love the colour scheme of this palette. It’s fun and has a good mix of dark and light, warm and cool shades. All of the shimmers apply really well, including Crunchy and Nutty. Delish is a gorgeous soft pink matte but it doesn’t really show up on the eye or when I swatched it, which is disappointing. Honey, the bright yellow, swatched beautifully but when I went to use it, I found it really difficult to get any pigment to show up. I reckon this one does better without being mixed with other shades, or it will disappear. This palette has two or three nice crease colours and a fun orange-themed colour story. I don’t think I would buy it again, but it’s a fun palette with lots of potential for really different looks.

So, which ones are the best? For me, considering pigmentation, how well they blend and versatility, here is my top 5:

  1. Lemon Drizzle
  2. Smores
  3. Macaron
  4. Strawberry Cheesecake
  5. Peanut Butter Cup

Hopefully this post was helpful in your search for the perfect Revolution chocolate palette. If you’ve tried any other I Heart Revolution chocolate palettes, let me know in the comments! I’d love to know what ones you recommend ’cause at £5 or less a palette, I can’t help but buy more!

4 thoughts on “Testing Makeup Revolution Chocolate eyeshadow palettes

    • Emma says:

      S’mores is SUCH an awesome neutral palette to have – you can do entire looks with just that palette or use it with others for base shades, creases, etc. The colours in Cheesecake are gorgeous (Pinch and Slice especially) but in terms of performance, some were the usual high quality I expect from Revolution while other shades were awful. :(

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