What’s on my LUSH wishlist?

Hi friends! It has been ages since I did a LUSH shop – I was looking through their site and thought I’d share my wishlist with you guys and, where I’ve tried a product before, explain why I want it again! This list is a mix of skincare essentials, indulgent bath treats and awesome gift ideas.

For your skin…

  • Herbalism cleanser – £8.50 for 100g – I haven’t used this cleanser for ages but I know it’s bloody amazing. You take a small amount, mix it with some water in the palm of your hand to create a paste and then apply it to your face. I tend to only apply it to problem areas like my t-zone. If you’ve ever had issues with excess oil or spots, I urge you to try this!
  • Mask of Magnaminty face and body mask – £7.95 for 125g – for the same reasons as Herbalism, this product used to be my go-to face mask. I only stopped using it because I thought it was expensive and it was a faff storing it in a fridge but it’s honestly so good and I’m definitely going to start using it again. They do a fresh mask and a self-preserving mask. The fresh one has a fairly short use by date due to the natural ingredients in it so be sure to get whichever one you’d prefer.
  • Cup o’ Coffee face and body mask – £8.50 for 150g – I think I tried this about 5 years ago and I think it was good, but I can’t remember. So it’s on my wishlist so I can give it another go!
  • Slap Stick solid foundation – £16.95 – at Bristol Fashion Week in April there was a LUSH counter who were showcasing their new makeup line and this stick foundation was one of the products. She colour matched me (though I can’t remember for the life of me what the shade was..) and I was really impressed at how soft and nourishing the product felt. It contains coconut oil, jojoba oil and argan oil which makes this quite a thick and heavy consistency that some people will love and others might hate. The consistency for me was much like the Revolution Fast Base stick foundation so if you’re used to using that, definitely give this a try!
  • Tea Tree toner water – £5.95 for 100g – confession time: I never use toner in my skincare despite the overwhelming advice from the internet that I should. I’m not sure what makes a good toner but I like the ingredient list in this one – vitamin-rich grapefruit, juniper berry which is a natural antiseptic and tea tree oil which helps to break down dirt and bacteria. I liked the idea of using a toner to really deep clean my skin so I’m looking forward to trying it.

For your bath…

  • Harajuku gift set – £35.95 – I’m Japan obsessed, okay?! If it’s got anything remotely Japanese on/in it, I’m sold. The scarf this set comes in is gorgeous and kawaii and the products inside are all bath bombs. Harajuku, Groovy Kind Of Love, Marshmallow World and Kitsune – all sound super sweet and I love the colours. I also really don’t enjoy glittery baths so I like that these bath bombs contain little to no glitter!
  • Butterball bath bomb – £2.95 each – this bath bomb is infused with lots of cocoa butter and ylang ylang which is a perfect combination for soft skin and stress relief! I much prefer getting a few of the cheaper bath bombs than one or two super expensive ones given that they don’t last long!
  • Sweetie Pie shower jelly – £9.95 for 100g – this one is a very old favourite of mine. If you don’t like sweet and sugary scents, stay away from this one! It’s blackberry jelly babies in a pot and I love using it every now and then in the shower, plus it contains detoxifying and softening ingredients so it’s great for you skin as well as your sweet tooth*!
  • Any LUSH soap – various prices – this is kind of cheating, but anytime I go into LUSH I just want to try all the soaps, and I can’t really work out what each one does differently from the others! I therefore plan to go in and just sniff my way around the soap stand until I find something nice.

*(don’t eat it…)

For you…

  • Validation Facial spa treatment – £95 – I find spa treatments are luxuries that we never buy for ourselves but always need. Sometimes a clever friend or family member will know this and gift you a relaxing day to the spa (hooray for those people!) but we don’t treat ourselves to these things enough. I have fairly problematic skin so whenever I check out spa treatments I’m always drawn to facials. This one sounds amazing and I bet your skin feels crazy good afterwards!
  • Vanillary solid perfume – £9 for 6g – I love vanilla-based perfumes (my favourite perfume is YSL Black Opium) and so since I discovered LUSH do solid vanilla perfume, I have been desperate to try it! I’m really curious to test how long it lasts. My YSL perfume lasts all day (sometimes I’ll be sat at my desk, get a delightful whiff of vanilla deliciousness and realise it’s me!) so if this can last as long, maybe Vanillary will be a new favourite?
  • Hair Doctor hair treatment – £6.95 each – considering the amount of bleaching, dying, straightening, blow-drying, cutting and brushing I do to my hair, it’s any wonder I still have any! I have never taken proper care of it using deep conditioners, overnight treatments or oils but I’d really like to work on restoring it to the silky mane I know it can be! This hair treatment caught my eye because the reviews are really positive and I’ve not tried something like this before.

If you’ve got any LUSH favourites or ride-or-die products I would love to know! I really like LUSH – it’s pretty pricey but a lot of the products I’ve tried before have worked really well. Besides, it doesn’t hurt to treat yourself every now and then to something LUSH (see what I did there?).

2 thoughts on “What’s on my LUSH wishlist?

  1. molly says:

    I’m dyingggg to get another Sweetie Pie jelly but they seem to have discontinued it again :( It was one of my faves


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