Reviewing the Urban Decay x Game of Thrones palette

Hi friends! This post is so late. Game of Thrones ended months ago, but here I am still trying to keep the dream of a satisfactory conclusion alive. I didn’t like the last season at all but I’m still a massive fan of the show, so when Urban Decay announced a GoT themed eyeshadow palette, I had to buy it. I must confess that I generally don’t like Urban Decay products (except for the All Nighter setting spray), but I was excited to try it and see whether they were decent shadows or if this was just a bit of fun.

My first observation is that the packaging is bloody amazing. I was so excited to open this up, and it’s really cool to look at and have on display. I did an unboxing on my Instagram at the time but can’t upload the video I shared on WordPress – thanks, technology. This palette takes up a lot of shelf space but the box is of such a high quality that I’m willing to forgive it – I even asked Harrison to pack it for the Japan move despite how large and heavy it is! When considering whether to buy the palette, how it looked was a huge selling point for me. When you open the lid, you find a quote from Daenerys in season 5, episode 8 – ‘Hardhome’ – and a large mirror. Lift the quote section and a little cardboard throne pops up. There’s a second quote (from Tyrion Lannister this time) just underneath. The packaging is entirely pointless but it’s pretty cool nonetheless! The palette itself actually slides out of the side, separate from all of these cardboard theatrics.


The shade range of this palette is awesome. I love bright and colourful eyeshadow palettes as you might know, but I so rarely use bright colours day-to-day. As such, because this is a fairly safe and neutral palette, it really appealed to me. The palette is divided into four ‘colour stories’ – three are based on significant family houses from the show (Targaryen, Stark and Lannister) and one is inspired by The Wall, the frozen north and the White Walkers. I think the colours work really well together, and I love having complimentary colours set out so clearly in these groups. Sadly, it is a shame so many of the shades in this palette are shimmers. As much as I like using shimmers, they’re not that wearable everyday, and some of them in this palette would’ve been really gorgeous matte shades. Before using them, my favourite colours (just to look at them in the pan) were The Sight, Red Keep and Bay of Dragons. In total the palette has only 4 matte shades and the rest are shimmers or glitters. This is particularly disappointing in the case of the Targaryen shades – it would’ve been awesome to have more mattes to work with.


This palette retails for $65/£45 and you can still buy it in stores and online despite the show having ended months ago. It’s quite a pricey palette compared to my normal purchases – I usually get palettes for under half that price unless they’re really special buys (like the ABH palettes I treated myself to last year in NYC). But, you do get 20 decent sized shades for the price. As you might imagine, you’re paying for the packaging rather than quantity of product, but if you’re a makeup collector and/or a Game of Thrones fan, it’s worth it (and you could try getting it during a sale or with a discount code!).


Thankfully, the shimmers in this palette are generally really impressive. By and large they are soft and buttery, apply very well and are really pigmented. They were really easy and enjoyable to use, and I had great fun creating different looks with them. The black glittery/matte shade – Take The Black – I found to be really problematic. It did better than I expected, but it wasn’t as dark or as glittery as the pan makes it look. I think they could’ve done without the glitter and just included a black matte to compliment the rest of the shades (because the mattes otherwise perform really well!). If you prefer glitter or shimmer shades over mattes, you’ll want this palette. They blend together very well too. In terms of staying power, I’ve tested a few shades for a few hours each time and they seem to last pretty well (even in the Japanese heat and humidity!).

Here are some stand out shades swatched (I know swatches show diddly squat but we all still do it anyway!) and some looks I did with the palette with each shade ‘family’ (in order: Lannister, Stark, the north/White Walkers and Targaryen):

Every Targaryen shade struggled. I’m not sure if perhaps they’re too dry or just aren’t very pigmented, but other than a bit of glitter you couldn’t tell these shades were on my eye. Bay of Dragons turned into a very light pink which was lost when I added any other shades, and I really wanted the duo-chrome Bend the Knee to look as awesome on the eye as it does in the pan, but it’s nonexistent when I apply it. I tried wetting my brush, using a finger – nothing worked with these. The other 3 Targaryen shades were similarly disappointing – little or no pigment and mostly dry. This is a real shame because those shades are so pretty!

In contrast, the other 3 families of shades are fantastic! The Stark and Lannister shades were particularly impressive. They blended very well, are really pigmented and the shimmers are soft and thick. Nymeria, The Sight, Red Keep and Lannister Red are so nice and easy to use for a makeup amateur like me. I will definitely use a lot of these shades regularly. I probably won’t get much use out of the icy blue shades (just because cool tones don’t suit me) but they applied quite well too and there will be occasions where they will be useful. White Walker was a bit difficult to build up but the rest worked fine, and Frozen North is an awesome electric blue.

Verdict – ★★★★☆

In summary, would I recommend this palette? If you like Game of Thrones, then yes. If you’re not a fan of the show, then no. For the money there are better palettes out there with similar colours, but the selling point of this product is just how fun and collectible it is. It’s nice to have a piece of Game of Thrones makeup merchandise (my love for nerd culture and makeup rarely meet), and many of the shades I tried performed really well. I think this palette is better than I expected it to be (especially the Stark and Lannister shades) and so I’m really happy with it. If you have any questions about it, let me know in the comments below or via social media!

17 thoughts on “Reviewing the Urban Decay x Game of Thrones palette

  1. oliveunicorn says:

    Pretty cool palette . I was thinking of getting this but was on the fence . I really liked Bend the Knee in the pan , too bad its finicky . But still really cool collector’s item .


    • Emma says:

      Yeah, I was definitely in two minds about it (though ultimately I quite liked it). Some of the shades are really awesome, some are terrible – I think it really boils down to how much someone wants the palette because it’s GOT-themed. Bend the Knee is gorgeous in the pan and I was so excited to use it – it swatches quite well, but it was a hot mess when I applied it. It just disappears the second you have anything else on your skin. :( The Stark shades were the stand out for me!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. mylilsliceoflife says:

    I’m a GOT fan as well so when I saw this I told my husband about it and even showed him the palette, he’s also a fan of the show and I was really surprised when he told me to buy it. I also have a blog post on this palette if you want to stop by and check it out. I do understand what you mean about the Targaryen shades as they are a bit hard to work with but I still found them to be very pretty. Maybe next time try using an eye primer or concealer with those shades that felt a bit hard to work with it might help.


    • Emma says:

      I’ll check it out – thank you! I was excited too, and there are some fantastic shadows in it! So on the Targaryen ones I tried using Primer Potion, my Revolution concealer, nothing at all, a base shade, a dry brush, a wet brush and my finger – it took about 4-5 attempts and a very sore eye later, I just gave up. They are such gorgeous shades but I couldn’t get Stormborn, Bend the Knee or Bay of Dragons to work. It’s like I hadn’t applied any! It was a dry, hot mess, and I just wish those colours had the same formula as the Stark and Lannister shimmers ’cause they’re so pretty and easy to use! I will keep trying with different base products but part of me feels I shouldn’t have to try a dozen different techniques to get it to work, haha!

      I’ll check your review out – thanks so much for letting me know about it! :)

      Liked by 1 person

      • mylilsliceoflife says:

        Oh that’s bummer sorry to hear that. I guess it’s just the way the shadows are. I also thought that some of the shadows could also be used as a highlighter instead, maybe you should take that route with some of them.


  3. Kathy Russo says:

    I was debating on getting this before I left for Japan but considering my make-up skills are non-existent, I had to pass. But, the colours are fabulous and maybe I should have gotten it for special occasions!!


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