An honest opinion of the ABH Norvina palette

Hi friends! In today’s post, I’m going to be reviewing the Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Norvina’ palette. You may know that I did a review of its predecessor, Modern Renaissance, and you can find my post about that here. In short, I really didn’t like Modern Renaissance – it was really expensive and did not perform well at all, which was really disappointing. There are one or two shades that are OK, but the second you try and blend any of them, they either completely disappear or turn into a muddy brown. There are, without question, much better palettes out there that don’t cost £42/$45!

I bought Norvina at the same time during the same trip to New York City but had I known how bad Modern Renaissance was, I’d never have bought this! It’s really confusing to me because reviews are generally really positive. This made me wonder if perhaps I had a Modern Renaissance from a bad batch? I cannot get any of its shades to look nice, even if I meticulously follow tutorials online which claim it’s really good.

The Quality

Anyway, this post isn’t about Modern Renaissance – it’s about Norvina! Norvina is a cool-toned palette which features 7 matte and 7 metallic shades. It includes a bone colour matte (Base) to set down your concealer or primer , a number of crease colour options, a light pink matte (Love), a purple matte (Soul) and a deep orange matte pigment (Eccentric). As with all ABH palettes, it also comes with a two-ended eyeshadow brush.

When I bought mine, the gorgeous pink shimmer Wild Child had exploded everywhere – this was really disappointing. I bought it at Sephora and when I opened it up, the pink pigment was everywhere! It took me ages to try and tidy it up, and it means I ended up with only 13 full shades. I contacted ABH customer support but they weren’t interested – I was not impressed! This also began to ring alarm bells for me in terms of quality – I’m not sure what had happened to the palette before it reached me, but it made me nervous that a shade could just disintegrate like that.

The Shades

To compare a few of the shades in this palette to some other palettes I own (limited to those I could bring to Japan..!), here are some swatches. As you can see, the others I own are a bit warmer in tone. I was really excited about the colour story in this palette – too many of my palettes tend to have oranges and pinks. It’s not often you see a palette so dedicated to cool/purple tones, so this palette was quite unusual and exciting!

There are some handy neutral shades for the usual base/crease stuff, but there are also a couple of brighter options to pack a punch. I can use Celestial for pop of colour or use Eccentric as part of a cut crease. A nice thing about the colours in this palette is how many different shades there are – at first it seems most of the colours are very similar. A minor gripe that I have too is that two or three of the neutral shimmer shades seem to me to be too similar to each other – it’d have been nice to have more variation in these. However, there is quite a nice range in this palette – you could do several awesome looks without touching Soul or any of the purple shades. And honestly? Thank goodness, because Soul in particular is truly awful, and I’m disappointed to say that.

I tried to make some of these shades work, but they just didn’t. I used the ABH brush, my own brushes (wet and dry), my finger, no base, a concealer base, UD Primer Potion – a whole day of testing this palette and it was awful every time. There are two or three shades that did well – Shimmer, Eccentric and Passion are nice – but the others didn’t work for me at all. They wouldn’t show up on my skin, and did not blend well at all. This is the best I could do in 4-5 hours of testing!

I used Base first – this shade irritates me because it’s marketed as a matte but there is clearly glitter in it. Then I wanted to use Soul for the outer corner and have that blended into Celestial for a nice matte-to-shimmer purple ombre effect. Sadly, neither of those two shades showed up on my eyelid at all – can you tell either are on there in the photo? This was bitterly disappointing for me. I then used a mix of Love and Incense on my lower lid which came out as intended. In short, a very small number of the shades in my palette were pigmented or blendable. The rest were a hot mess and fell extremely short of my expectations given the price tag on these.

The Verdict – ★☆☆☆☆

Would I recommend this palette? Absolutely not. Would I ever buy ABH again? Probably not, no. I’ve now spent nearly £90/$100 on the brand and both products were terrible – even the brushes were low quality. I know they’re genuine because I bought them at Sephora, so I’m honestly baffled as to why these get such awesome reviews on YouTube and elsewhere. They were really disappointing and I own palettes that cost a quarter of the price of ABH palettes but perform ten times better! I hope you had a better experience of this palette – let me know what you thought of it.

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