Gift ideas for nerds, gamers and geeks

Hi friends! The festive season is upon us and I am really excited for our first Christmas in Japan. They don’t really celebrate it here in the same way we do (it’s actually more of a romantic holiday) but that wont stop me spending too much money and decorating our apartment. In the run up to Christmas, it can be so hard to think of good gift ideas for your favourite people. I really dislike ‘gifts for him/her’ lists so instead here are 5 gift ideas for any fan of all things gaming, fantasy and slightly nerdy!

Books – my boyfriend is a huge fan of fantasy novels and so this makes choosing one or two novels that he doesn’t already have in his collection a really easy gift and ideal stocking filler. Last year we both got some really awesome books, including some on Japanese culture (such as Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life) and game development (500 Years Later: An Oral History of Final Fantasy VII). Check their bookshelves and fill in any gaps! Here are some examples:

Video game and TV show merchandise – I love receiving merchandise from my favourite games and shows. Last year my boyfriend got a set of really cool Nier vinyls! Anything Game of Thrones, Skyrim, Final Fantasy or Sailor Moon is a sure winner in this household. I recommend sites such as PlayStation Gear, EMP, Insert Coin and game developers’ sites (such as the Bethesda site and Square Enix merch store). Be sure to check out independent businesses on sites like Etsy as they often sell products you could never find on the mainstream market. I bought this awesome personalised Final Fantasy XIV sweater for myself earlier this year and I can’t wait for it to arrive!


Day trips – is your recipient a lover of all things JK Rowling? Give them a day trip to Harry Potter World! A Game of Thrones fan would love a weekend in Dubrovnik to check out familiar filming spots. Not sure what to choose? Tickets to the next London ComicCon would make an amazing gift! If they’re into music, try taking them to a summer festival or check to see if their favourite band are touring. For art lovers, perhaps there’s an exhibition coming up they’d be really interested to see. A trip with you involving something that really interests them is a guaranteed success, and it needn’t break the bank.

Board and card games – we love playing board and card games together and with friends and family. A perfect gift for someone similarly minded could be card game accessories (such as playing mats or deck boxes for KeyForge or Legend of the Five Rings – again, check Etsy because there are some fantastic game accessories from lots of small businesses across the world) or expansions for popular board games such as Arkham Horror: Innsmouth Horror. You can also get a bunch of themed board games nowadays – last year, I got Skyrim Monopoly for Christmas and a Game of Thrones-themed Risk!

Console accessories – in the past for Christmas (and for a birthday) I have given the gift of a custom-made Xbox One controller. It’s not something your loved one can unwrap, but instead why not sit with them on Christmas morning and help them design their own controller, exactly to their taste? You could create your own ‘voucher’ and pop it in a card, so there will be something for them to open. Alternatively, are there any other gadgets that might make good gifts? Maybe a charging tower for PS4 controllers that also doubles up as storage, a PSN/Xbox Live subscription or, if you fancy a splurge, a VR headset or a gaming chair?

Finally, I always do a stocking for my boyfriend (he is awfully spoilt..) so here are some bonus suggestions to inspire your stocking filler shopping:

Hopefully some of these suggestions will help you decide on what to get your beloved geek, gamer and/or nerd this Christmas. None of the above links are affiliate and this is not a sponsored post – I’ve linked to retailers I regularly/always use and can personally recommend!

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